Group Programs

At Fliptastics Gymnastics we value our kids, classes, and academic sports. We offer group skills training classes for ALL levels of fitness teams including football players. We have entire cheer squads that we hold clinics and classes for as well. If you just need to focus on certain skills then we also have our skill focus classes.

Skill Focus classes

  1. Each class will focus on a specific skill or set of skills ONLY – this is not a standard class.
  2. Each class is 55 minutes.
  3. Pre-registration is required – see front office for schedule and to register.
  4. Foundational skills – Maximum 4 students per coach.
  5. Advanced skills – Maximum 2 students per coach.
  6. Fees must be paid in full to register for all skill focus classes; fees are based on skill level and minimum student requirements.
  7. Must be a current member and enrolled in level appropriate classes to register.
  8. See front office or bulletin board for more information.

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